QuickStore POS Standard Edition - Box pack - 1 user - CD - Win

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Description: QuickStore POS Standard Edition - Box pack - 1 user - CD - Win

Mfr Part #: 633808471019

MSRP: $495.00

From point-of-sale transactions to inventory, vendor and customer management, Wasp QuickStore provides the functionality your retail operation needs, while improving efficiency and reducing operating cost. This affordable solution makes large-business operations accessible to companies of all sizes.
Use Wasp QuickStore software to increase your sales and customer service levels. Tracking of customer purchase history and detailed demographic information allows you to tailor discounts and promotions to specific, targeted groups. Gather demographic information to offer personalized attention to your customers, including birthday cards and new product announcements. Added-value benefits like these drive first-time customers to become repeat customers.
For small retailers, tracking inventory and managing the reorder process can be a full-time job. Wasp QuickStore POS software includes a variety of integrated inventory management tools designed to ease the burden of inventory tracking. Create detailed discrepancy reports using QuickStore's advanced reporting functionality. Utilize the automatic reorder function for products to ensure that your customers will never find their favorite product out-of-stock. Designed for single-site businesses or centrally-owned businesses with multiple retail outlets, QuickStore offers improved efficiency and tracking with an affordable price tag.
Key Points
  • Includes a one store user license & one lane license (additional lane licenses available)
  • Transaction flexibility. Use QuickStore to simplify complicated transactions, including:
  • o Process debit and credit cards - tender multiple payments
  • o Track accounts payable & receivable
  • o Generate in-depth sales reports
  • o Generate item and invoice notes
  • o Create sales and layaway documentation
  • o Issue gift certificates
  • o Collect detailed customer information and sale history
  • o Include up to 5 taxable components for each item (State/Federal, non-profit)
  • Integrated inventory control features simplify and automate inventory management
  • o Manage inventory levels with automatic purchase orders for items below reorder levels
  • o Reduce inventory carrying cost by tracking inventory turns and aging
  • o Receive merchandise into stock by scanning the vendor's UPC code
  • o Remove items from inventory at the time of purchase
  • o Generate discrepancy reports to resolve errors in physical inventory
  • Advanced customer data collection
  • o Includes past purchase history and demographic information
  • Utilize existing information and systems
  • o Import existing inventory and customer data
  • o Integrate with QuickBooks by exporting IIF files created in QuickStore
  • Create standard and customized price tags, including barcodes
  • o Easily create barcoded inventory & location labels
  • The flexibility to grow with your business
  • o Transition to QuickStore Pro or Enterprise by purchasing upgrade licenses
  • o Add multiple store lanes with additional software licenses