Powerware FERRUPS FE500 - UPS - 350 Watt - 500 VA

Category: Uninterruptible power supplies
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Product Id: 12590721

Description: Powerware FERRUPS FE500 - UPS - AC 120/208/240 V - 350 Watt - 500 VA - output connectors: 4 - Canada, United States - white - CTO

Mfr Part #: FA020BB2A0A0A0A

MSRP: $2,341.61

Best Power offers unmatched reliability in configurable power protection for computers and telecommunications equipment. FERRUPS has unprecedented ability to work with all types of input sources and loads. Plus, its Active Voltage Regulation converts power from almost any AC source into computer-grade power. FERRUPS provides regulated output voltage without drawing power from the batteries for input voltages as low as 38-percent below nominal (based on size of load). This keeps the batteries fully charged for unexpected blackouts. FERRUPS stops harmful harmonic currents generated by widely used switch-mode power supplies (SMPS) from entering a building's wiring, where they could disrupt computer operations.
FERRUPS can meet the demands of today's computer loads, including power-factor corrected, switch-mode, and linear power supplies. FERRUPS initiates automatic startup and performs scheduled tests on the logic board, battery, inverter, and other critical systems.