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Product Id: 12254801

Description: VNC Connect Enterprise - Subscription license (5 years) - unlimited users, 50 computers - ESD

Mfr Part #: 1000505

Quake III Arena - No One is Safe. Hardwired action is yours for the taking in single-player and multiplayer battles. Your opponents are now personalized for your brutalizing pleasure. These warriors may not be living and breathing, but they'll make sure you aren't either. Feed on raw action, build your fragging muscles, then rack up live Deathmatch kills on the Internet or LAN.
A seething hive of computer-spawned opponents will leave you longing for a scrap of human sympathy. Each has its own special way of hunting you down and bringing you to your knees. Encounter a world of hurt in arenas rife with deathtraps, hazards and ruthless foes who play with your already twitching mind. Just when you think you're good...you're dead. Unbridled fear goes state-of-the-art with smothering fog, flickering shadows and retina-searing weapons effects that will push your graphic accelerator to the limit.