BTI - notebook battery - Li-Ion - 2700 mAh

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Product Id: 12237002

Description: BTI - Notebook battery lithium ion 4400 mAh - black - for Dell Inspiron 3000, 3200


MSRP: $137.95

Battery Technology's family of products grew to include over 1000 products for notebook computers, cellular phones, camcorders, and the Zip Drive. BTI has become one of the leading manufacturers of batteries and accessories for notebook computers. It offers products for many manufacturers' notebook computers and cellular phones. By maintaining strict quality standards in production, as well as in sourcing, BTI is able to provide consistent, high capacity and durable batteries.
These batteries are made from only the best Nickel Cadmium(NiCd), Nickel Metal Hydride(NiMH), and Lithium Ion cells made by Panasonic, Yuasa, Sanyo and Toshiba. Most new notebooks use"smart" battery technology to conserve power and indicate to the user the remaining available capacity. BTI's batteries are designed with microchips to work specifically with each notebook's design. Every one of BTI's batteries is encased in a durable outer plastic mold that is sonic welded for total seamlessness.
This is a Laptop Computer Battery for Dell Inspiron 3200 series.