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Product Id: 12223634

Description: HPE Data Protector Backup Drive - License - 1 additional drive - Linux, Win, NW

Mfr Part #: B6963AA

MSRP: $908.00

HP Data Protector Software automates high performance backup and recovery, from disk or tape, over unlimited distances, to enable 24x7 business continuity and improve IT resource utilization. Data Protector Software responds to the pressure for lower IT costs and greater operational efficiency by offering acquisition and deployment costs which are 30 – 70 % less than competition. The license model is very simple and easy to understand, helping to reduce complexity. Extensive scalability and features for continuous backup and recovery operations enable growth with a single product. A superb solution, no other Software can integrate better with the HP market-leading line of StorageWorks disk and tape family of products, as well as with other heterogeneous storage infrastructures. As an integral component of the fast-growing HP Software portfolio, which includes storage resource management, archiving, replication, and device management Software, Data Protector Software also fully integrates with the HP OpenView management solutions, allowing managing data protection as an essential element of an overall IT service. This solution offers the unique advantage of being able to source hardware, Software, and award winning service offerings from a single, trusted source. Data Protector Software simplifies the use of complex backup and recovery procedures with the fastest installation, automated routine tasks, and easy-to-use features. The centralized multi-site management easily allows implementing multi-site changes, adapting in real time to changing business requirements. Appropriate for medium and large companies in any industry, Data Protector Software is the ideal solution to reduce IT costs and complexity while remaining reliable and scalable to grow from single server environments to the largest distributed enterprise infrastructures.
Key Points
  • Efficient: offers ease of deployment and use with single consistent GUI across platforms for all functions
  • Affordable: offers value-for-price with operational efficiencies for faster ROI, tailored to decrease overhead and costs
  • Automated: eliminates operator involvement by application-aware automation, e.g. built in software distribution
  • Manageable: allows central management, scheduling and cataloging of protection
  • Integrated: includes the manager-of-managers that controls multi-site or global operations
  • Comprehensive: leverages OpenView infrastructure for enterprise-wide management with a service-oriented environment
  • Available: increases information availability by eliminating backup and recovery windows
  • Reliable: provides full cluster-awareness, designed for 24 x 7 protection, including online protection of backup environment
  • Open: supports broad range of hosts, applications, storage, and protection approaches, to grow as your needs grow
  • Flexible: offers simple and modular structure, broad compatibility with platforms, O/Ss, libraries, disks and topologies
Product Features
  • Robust backup solution
    Data Protector Software is designed for the most demanding 24x7 environments and offers automated high performance backup and recovery from disk or tape.
  • Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in enterprise backup
    Data Protector Software delivers backup/recovery innovation, performance, and functionality at a much lower cost, up to 30–70% lower than competitive solutions. A simple and flexible license model includes the first year of support.
  • No Software can integrate better with your HP environment
    Data Protector Software is an integral component of the fast-growing HP StorageWorks Software portfolio, which also includes storage resource management, archiving, replication, and device management Software. HP offers the unique advantage of sourcing hardware, Software, and service from a single, trusted vendor.
  • Easy to deploy and use
    Data Protector Software is both easy to deploy and use. Installation is simple and has a fully-automated Software distribution of agent Software to all connected clients, including a centralized licensing facility that reduces complexity. Competitive solutions fail to deliver this level of automation.
  • Reduced backup windows
    Data Protector Software enables you to respond to the needs for 24x7 application availability, by integrating techniques to eliminate backup windows. These include Online Backup, Open File Backup, or Zero Downtime Backup (local and remote replication).
  • Recovery of terabytes of data in minutes
    Utilizing Instant Recovery, Data Protector Software meets the demands of the most complex enterprises for specific recovery time and recovery point objectives, and enables critical data to be recovered within minutes.
  • Central management
    Centralized multi-site management capabilities enable customers to automate routine tasks and easily implement changes. Simple wizards and clear navigation makes these management features easy to configure. In addition, role-based user rights can be defined so that responsibilities can be safely distributed.