Digi EtherLite 80 RJ-45 - terminal server

Category: Multistation access units (MAUs)
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Product Id: 12105754

Description: Digi EtherLite 80 RJ-45 - Terminal server - 8 ports - 10Mb LAN, RS-232

Mfr Part #: 70001767

MSRP: $1,184.00

The Digi EtherLite network serial concentrators connect asynchronous serial ports to your network. The EtherLite family replaces the installation of serial adapters in servers for applications in POS/retail, process control, data collection and console management of clusters, routers, hubs, switches, PBXs and other networking devices with console ports. The EtherLite models feature real serial ports and do not carry the burden of Telnet, Rlogin, Reverse Telnet or other complex networking overhead. This makes the EtherLite simple to install and configure. Just attach the units to a twisted-pair Ethernet segment, set the IP address, and load the device driver under UNIX, Windows NT or Windows 2000. The Digi EtherLite supports port speeds up to 115 Kbps, ideal for handling all of today's serial devices. Hardware and software flow control is provided to manage dataflow at even higher baud rates. All the performance is offered for an extremely low price per port.