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Slash costs, boost efficiency, and ensure compliance with SHI’s ITAM services.

When you work with SHI’s ITAM experts, you’ll gain a comprehensive view of your IT assets, helping you optimize performance, slash expenses, and guarantee compliance.

With a comprehensive services portfolio including software asset management (SAM), SaaS cost optimization, audit management, and more, we’re committed to enhancing your IT operations and empowering your business decisions.

Let's turn your biggest IT challenges into awesome successes.

Video Transcript: Safeguard your Organization with IT Asset Management

Cyber threats are everywhere. They can damage your organization, compromise your data, and ruin your reputation. But you don’t have to fear them. You can fight them. You need IT Asset Management (ITAM). ITAM isn’t a tool, it’s a strategy that secures your IT assets from start to finish. With SHI’s tailored management, you can see everything in your environment, fix vulnerabilities fast, manage your life cycle, meet compliance, and maximize your asset efficiency. Threats won’t wait, and neither should you. Integrate ITAM into your strategy now for proactive digital defense. Our experts are ready to help you get started. Visit to learn more.

Maximize software value. Minimize compliance and security risks.

Our suite of ITAM services help reduce software licensing costs, ensure compliance, and optimize usage across your organization. With help from our dedicated teams, you’ll have the tools and expertise to effectively manage your software assets.

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SAM managed services

Seamlessly simplify and optimize your software asset management with SHI's comprehensive expertise and tailored tools.

Simplify management 

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ITAM sustainability solutions

Lower costs, reduce your environmental impact, and improve your efficiency with eco-friendly server solutions from SHI.

Go green 

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SaaS cost optimization services

Take control of your software investments and cut costs with SHI's robust SaaS tracking and management solutions.

Take control 

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Optimized license position

Make informed decisions about your entitlements, software usage, and rights with deep insights and precise data analyitics.

Unlock insights 

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Audit management

Smoothly navigate audits, minimize organizational disruption, and avoid financial risk with SHI's expert management.

Minimize risk 

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365 Insights

Uncover hidden savings by tailoring your Office 365 and Microsoft 365 subscriptions to meet your exact business needs.

Discover savings 

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Boost productivity and efficiency with SHI’s SaaS management today 

Assess your spend, usage, security, compliance, and more with ITAM SaaS management from SHI.

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