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Intel® technology drives mobility, security, and managed performance from the edge to the cloud.

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Intel creates amazing experiences to transform the way colleagues collaborate, simplify the data center, free people to achieve wherever they’re most productive, safeguard assets and identities with automatic security, and enable the greatest possibilities in a smart, connected world.
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Partnership with SHI

Intel brings to its alliance with SHI a host of technology partnerships, including global leaders such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft and VMware. You can see the latest Intel® technology for business transformation in action: visit the SHI Customer Innovation Center and End-User Lab.
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8th Gen

Introducing 8th Gen Intel® Core vPro Processors

New 8th Generation Intel® Core vPro processor-based computers are ready for what’s next across the spectrum of new business intelligence needs – to analyze, share, transform, and predict patterns fast. The technology provides hardware-enhanced security, remote manageability, flexible stability, and productivity-enhancing capabilities.

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The Intel® vPro™ Platform

Devices built on the Intel® vPro™ Platform enable digital transformation.

Defend Your Data Thumbnail
Defend Your Data

Security features to help protect your data and your business.

Log In With a Look
Log In With a Look

Identity threats have met their match with the Intel® Authenticate™ Solution.

Improve Remote Management
Improve Remote Management

Simplify remote maintenance with Intel® Active Management technology.

Intel Optane Memory

Set Your Productivity on Fast-Forward

Intel® Optane™ memory is the smart, adaptable system accelerator that automatically learns your computing behaviors, adjusting to make each task run faster, smoother and easier. When paired with the 7th or 8th generation Intel® Core™ processor, users will enjoy a supercharged computing experience with short boot times, fast application launches and responsive browsing – breaking all barriers for productivity as you work at warp speed.

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Accelerate Your Workflow

Read this Product Brief to learn about the benefits of Intel® Optane™ memory.

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Productivity Optimized

Introducing Intel® Core™ i5+ vPro™ processors with Intel® Optane™ memory.

SHI Zero Touch

Streamline your migration to 7th and 8th generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor-based Windows *10 mobile devices with SHI Zero Touch Deployment Services. Instead of going through a long, expensive process of configuring, deploying, and managing laptops and 2 in 1s using the traditional imaging process, SHI Zero Touch lets you upgrade to new devices in one day, not 12 weeks, with no images required. SHI’s 300,000 sq. ft. Integration Center has the capacity to rapidly install applications and user profiles, and add accessories, asset tags, and custom packaging – all on a faster timeline and at less cost than traditional deployments.

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Streamline configuration, deployment, and management of new devices.
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SHI Zero Touch in 3 Easy Steps

Get up and running with your first login – the rest is automatic

Step 1: Select the requirements for your new Intel® processor-based devices running Windows. SHI quickly configures and deploys them. It’s that simple.

Step 2: Log in using your Active Directory credentials. At first login, each device loads with Windows*10 and the appropriate applications, data, and policies.

Step 3: Start working. At future log-ins, updates and patches are automatically pushed out to each device, based on user credentials.

Data Center

Scalable New Solutions for the Data Center

Intel is building the future of the data center – a secure, scalable, highly versatile platform for business innovation –with the new Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. Whether you’re migrating to a new data center solution to lower TCO through virtualization, mining data analytics for new business insights, or achieving flexibility with hybrid cloud computing, these powerful new processors can take on today’s most complex and demanding workloads. To boost performance while lowering costs, the Intel® Xeon® Scalable platform enables a trusted infrastructure with security.

Scalable Processors Graphic

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Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors Thumbnail
Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

Capitalize on new opportunities with the right infrastructure.

IT@Intel Data Center Strategy
IT@Intel Data Center Strategy

Learn how Intel IT overhauled its data center strategy.

Intel Next-Generation Technologies
Intel Next-Generation Technologies

Learn about performance gains with this Evaluator Group report.

future of virtualization
The Future of Virtualization is Here

Making data center virtualization more powerful and efficient.


Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors for the Hybrid Cloud

Flexible hybrid cloud solutions for business transformation are more achievable than ever with new Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. By defining a hybrid cloud strategy, IT staff can deploy workloads and application environments – either on premises or in a public cloud – in ways that make the most strategic sense. With Intel Xeon Scalable processors at the heart of the modern data center, organizations have the versatility to mix and match cloud services as needed, or replace multiple servers with a single system, improving agility while maximizing financial return.

Additional Resources

Resource Image
Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

Investing in hybrid cloud drives business transformation.

Hybrid Cloud PDF Thumbnail
Hybrid Cloud Myths & Misconceptions

Learn the truth about four common misconceptions.

Top 10 Cloud Strategy FAQs PDF Thumbnail
Cloud Strategy Checklist

Important aspects to consider when creating a cloud strategy.

Solid State Drives

Why Intel® SSDs

Intel® Solid State Drives (Intel® SSDs) deliver the ultimate storage performance with unsurpassed stability, efficiency, and minimal power consumption. With no moving parts, Intel SSDs operate silently, and their rugged construction stands up to harsh conditions and rough treatment. In business environments, choose between the Intel® SSD 5450s, 5400s and 6000p Series for the right combination of power efficient performance, enterprise-ready security and remote manageability. Upgrade existing client systems from traditional hard disk drives for dramatically faster boot and application load times. Shop all SSDs

Resource Thumbnail
Intel® SSD Pro 7600p Series Product Brief

Intel® SSDs for the Data Center

Eliminate bottlenecks and modernize your infrastructure to stay ahead of ever-increasing data demands, keeping the work flowing: Intel® SSDs for the data center are optimized for performance, reliability, and endurance even at peak demand times. Intel SSDs range in storage capacity from 80 gigabit to 4 terabit in an assortment of form factors. Whatever your workload requirements, Intel offers an array of 3D NAND, SATA, PCIe and NVMe SSDs – including the new Intel® Optane™ SSD for data centers. The Intel® Optane™ Solid State Drive (SSD) helps eliminate data center storage bottlenecks and allows bigger, more affordable data sets. It can accelerate applications, reduce transaction costs for latency-sensitive workloads, and improve overall data center TCO.

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