Wireless Networking
Planning and Site Survey

Because in a world immersed in IoT,
dropped signals and spotty connections must be a thing of the past.

In this day and age, having an adaptable and scalable wireless network is as necessary as getting your friend’s Wi-Fi password! Luckily, SHI is here to help you achieve your ideal network.

Our Wireless Networking Planning and Site Survey tools combine to create a battle plan so you know exactly how to address current – and future – challenges within your wireless network, including:

  • Gaining insight into your network
  • Locating bottlenecks and other network-related issues
  • Determining whether or not your current network has room for growth, and if it doesn’t, we’ll help you create it

Wireless Networking Planning Features


IT Interviews

Our experienced networking specialists meet with your IT administrators to gather deep insight into your environment.


Network Design Preparation

Our networking team uses information gathered from your environment and IT staff to craft an end-to-end wireless network design.


Review of Architecture and Configuration

We sit down with you to review the physical and configuration design we’ve proposed.


Merge Business/Application Needs with Best Practices Design Concepts

We’ll ensure the proposed solution fits your current environment and needs.

Site Survey Features

walk through

Site Walkthrough

We’ll visit you on site to visually inspect your network.


Network Mapping

We’ll conduct a probing of your infrastructure to understand your network configuration.

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