VMware VOA and
HCA Assessments

Optimize and automate your vSphere
environment to discover true cost-saving benefits!

Looking to evaluate VMware vRealize Operations Manager and compare costs of the public and private cloud? The vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA) and Hybrid Cloud Assessment (HCA) are for you!

Over the course of 30 days, VMware-dedicated SHI professionals can install necessary software, analyze your vSphere environment, and provide business and technical recommendations via customized reporting to maximize your VMware investment.

Together the VOA and HCA - and your dedicated SHI-VMware team - will help you:


Analyze your vSphere environment


Optimize resource utilization


Identify and remediate issues


Automate reclamation



The VOA tool analyzes your VMware environment to improve health, performance and capacity management through:

  • Configuration auditing
  • Performance improvement with predictive analytics
  • Capacity optimization and monitoring

The HCA complements the VOA and helps you:

  • Gain insight into existing cloud costs
  • Understand total cost of installed private cloud infrastructure
  • Make informed decisions on purchasing On-Premises vs. Cloud
  • Uncover cost-saving opportunities
  • Explore “what-if” scenarios across public and private clouds, as well as new workloads


Take it to the Next Level with SHI

By choosing SHI for your VMware assessments, you’ll leverage our vast team of VMware-dedicated experts including:

  • Pre-sales support experts, including a dedicated Pre-Sales vCloud Air Specialist
  • Senior renewals specialists
  • Technical pre-sales professionals, including Senior Solution Architects, Senior Systems Engineers and Technical Pre-Sales vCloud Air Network Specialists

To learn more or get started with the VOA and HCA Assessments, please contact us today.

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