SHI Zero Touch for Windows 10

The Windows you once knew, is no more. Get up to speed - without the hassle.

The days of stationary technology have passed; today's devices are versatile and demand quick and efficient deployment - enter SHI Zero Touch for Windows 10.

This value-added and remotely deployed solution allows you to thrive in today's mobile workforce and aligns you with optimal strategies for maintaining your environment in the future.

The Zero Touch Process - Windows Style

With SHI Zero Touch, your machines configure themselves in real time, from anywhere - right out of the box. End users simply sign in and watch as their applications, policies, email and more are pushed to their device. That's it - really!

Our Zero Touch offering simplifies your configuration, deployment and maintenance processes by:

  • Aligning you with best practice tools and processes to configure, deploy and maintain your Windows 10 devices
  • Utilizing our 300,000+ square foot Integration Center to customize Windows 10 devices to suit your organization’s specific requirements
  • Leveraging SHI's many relationships with industry-leading partners who will specialize in managing identities, migrating and backing up data, and supporting apps and devices

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