The need for inventory can be unpredictable.
Let SHI warehouse a buffer of product ready to quickly
meet your needs – no matter what they are or when they occur.

Storing your own inventory is a balancing act: too few products results in shortages, too much looks bad on the books. With SHI’s Inventory Management services, we securely warehouse your products until you need them. You’ll have access and visibility to the right products at the right time – and without the headache of having to manage it yourself.

We work with your organization to develop an inventory plan that is customized for your specific needs. Each plan we create ensures that for all stages of the project timeline, necessary items are available and ready to be deployed as you need them. Storing your inventory in our configuration center allows SHI to pre-configure your systems, allowing for rapid deployment when you urgently need a new machine. Rest assured that you’ll have a fully functional device waiting for even your most demanding situations.

Benefits of Inventory Management

  • Reduces setup time
  • Improves flow of products from the warehouse to your office
  • Minimizes needed storage space
  • Lowers warehousing costs
  • Smaller chance of inventory breaking/expiring
  • Less waste

The SHI Warehouse and Integration Center

  • ISO 9001-certified
  • 305,000 square feet
  • Static-free, climate-controlled
  • Capable of producing 3,500 systems/servers per day
  • Capable of storing the equivalent of 260,000 desktops, 180,000 printers or 630,000 laptops
Visit our Integration Center page for more information.

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