Set a Digital Foundation for Student Success

The classroom is changing...for the better.

Schools with a modern and highly collaborative digital classroom are seeing higher student engagement rates and more success across the board than those that don't.

Why? Because today's students are digital natives, and they're more connected to technology than ever before. It's time to keep up with our students and embrace digital learning.

Meeting Assessment Requirements

If the new generation of tech-savvy students isn't enough reason to embrace digital learning, then the rise of ESSA and online state assessments should be. Although the implementation of online assessments is no surprise, successfully delivering these tests is still a challenge.

Your school has a lot of technology requirements to meet and probably has a lot of questions. SHI is here to help you answer them all, including:

  • How many devices does your school need?
  • How will you protect the devices and private information?
  • Where will the budget for the technology come from?
  • Will your IT staff be able to implement the technology once you have it?
  • Will it happen in time?
  • How do you make sure your existing technology isn't wasted?
  • What long-term value will your school get from these technology investments?

There are many questions, but one thing is certain: schools will need technology to help prepare their students for college, career, and life.

Your Most Important Decision

The most important decision isn't whether or not your school is going digital.

Think about these two questions:

  • If you weren't limited, how would your school use digital education?
  • What are you capable of doing now?

The answers will determine if you're going to transform your school by creating a digital learning environment, or if you're going to simply meet the online assessment requirements and get the most long-term value from your investments.

SHI Can Help You

Whether you're already up-and-running with a digital learning environment, not sure where to start, or somewhere in between, SHI can help your school succeed with technology. We'll help you address these areas:

Device Environment– How do you imagine students using technology? We'll sit with you, analyze your environment, get a better understanding of your vision and help you choose your device environment.

Platform – Choosing the right platforms can easily get overwhelming. We'll guide you through finding which OS and form factor is best for your school.

Infrastructure – The most overlooked area of digital learning, but most critical! Building or optimizing your existing infrastructure is a challenge. Our team of manufacturer-certified technical experts can help.

Protection – Protecting your staff, students, devices and data is essential. SHI's Security and Solution Specialists can help you choose, implement and manage the right security solution and protection equipment.

Implementation – Once you know the technology you need, it's time to make it all come together. Do you have the funds to purchase the products and services? Do you know how your devices will be configured and outfitted? SHI will help you do it all.

For more information on how SHI can assist with your school's technology initiatives, reach out to your SHI Account Executive or contact us today.