AWS Marketplace

Speed, agility, and control

About AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog of software, data and services that makes it easy for your organization to procure software and data products that run on AWS. AWS Marketplace helps you:

  • Find software that runs on AWS from a breadth of categories.
  • Buy   software through flexible pricing options, including negotiated offers through SHI.
  • Deploy software quickly and efficiently, reducing time to market.
  • Manage multiple software solutions in a centralized location, with consolidated AWS billing.

Purchasing through AWS Marketplace can also help you retire AWS spending commitments.

aws marketplace

Why AWS Marketplace



Accelerate innovation and deploy quickly with support services from SHI and expansive options from AWS Marketplace.



Work directly with SHI on flexible pricing for software and services available in AWS Marketplace.



Control costs with SHI visibility and cost optimization and simplified procurement and consolidated billing from AWS Marketplace.

Cloud Optimization with SHI and AWS Marketplace

As your cloud adoption and modernization grows, so should your cloud optimization. SHI’s cloud optimization services provide visibility to control and reduce costs.

SHI uses a proven cost reduction and governance methodology that achieves cost reduction through both procurement and technology optimization. Through this optimization, learn how to save 20-40% on your monthly cloud optimization. Furthermore, with Cloud Optimization with SHI and AWS Marketplace, you get:

  • Customized consumption and spend assessments
  • Reduced cost in overhead and year-over-year revenue
  • Regular security and governance reviews to protect against shadow IT, non-compliance and cloud sprawl
  • Detailed expenditure, usage reporting and budgeting tools
  • Access to SHI's 24/7 Cloud Services Desk technical support

AWS Marketplace Consulting Partner Private Offer

Drive next-generation infrastructure strategies while optimizing and streamlining the business of IT with SHI and AWS Marketplace. With the introduction of the Consulting Partner Private Offer (CPPO) program, SHI can now offer greater discounting on some of the most popular AWS Marketplace vendors.

Learn how to leverage the power of the cloud and AWS Marketplace to streamline procurement and operations, including:

  • Consolidated billing
  • Custom pricing and terms
  • Easy license management and renewals
  • One Click procurement

In addition, SHI offers flexible consumption and contract models, including:

  • Finance with SHI Capital
  • Hourly & monthly
  • Annual & multi-year
  • Consulting Partner Private Offers
  • Flexible pricing

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