Windows Autopilot

Unbox. Log in. Take off.

Windows Autopilot lets you quickly and easily set up your Windows devices in minutes with just a few simple clicks.

Free up IT for more pressing issues

Self-servicing Windows Autopilot requires minimal IT interaction, quickly and easily transferring designated apps, safeguards, and personalized settings to any new device. IT staff also doesn't have to maintain custom images and drivers for every device in use. They can also save time and money remotely resetting and seamlessly repurposing any enrolled device.

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Move to the cloud on your own terms

Windows Autopilot supports and simplifies your digital transformation with centralized cloud-based device management. You can also quickly and remotely reset and repair devices. Plus you maximize the value of your Microsoft 365 subscription by staying current with the latest version of Windows 10 Pro cloud updates.

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Enhance security and protect your information

If your device gets lost or stolen, Windows Autopilot and Intune can remotely remove data, lock down a device so no one else can open it, and automatically restrict user access. Plus, you can adjust key security and encryption settings so new devices are more secure and completely compliant before anyone can use them.

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Simplify configuration, deployment, and maintenance with SHI Zero Touch X

SHI Zero Touch X, your machines configure themselves in real time, from anywhere - right out of the box. End users simply sign in and watch as their applications, policies, email and more are pushed to their device. That's it - really! This value-added and remotely deployed solution allows you to thrive in today's remote workforce and aligns you with optimal strategies for maintaining your environment in the future.

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Get employee devices up and running faster than ever before

With Windows Autopilot's easy setup, your people feel empowered and welcome from day one with devices equipped with the personalized applications they need to successfully do their jobs. You'll also attract and retain top talent by providing cutting-edge technology that today's workforce expects.

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