Case Study:

Global Electronic Engineering Company Saves $1.2M with O365 Optimization Services

This two-phased ITAM solution included seven countries, 26 stakeholders and over 47,000 devices to identify available profiles and maximize the customer’s ROI


Customer Profile

A global electronic engineering company


The customer needed to scale back their M365 consumption below their contracted rate by identifying their current consumption and optimization opportunities.


IT Lifecycle

SHI determined the tenant’s M365 usage by traveling to seven countries and interviewing end users on potential available profiles.




  • $1.2M in potential immediate cost savings
  • $4.5M in potential overall savings through rightsizing of subscriptions, based on defined user profiles
  • 5x ROI by subscribing to SHI's O365 Optimization Services Premier level
  • Improved purchasing decisions using specific profiles and user types available for purchase

A global electronic engineering company had Office 365 and Azure AD deployed on over 47,000 devices in seven countries as part of a Microsoft 365 offering and needed to scale back their M365 consumption to below their contracted rate.


Due to organizational changes the company was undergoing while transitioning to a new tenant, they needed help identifying their current license consumption and optimization opportunities. They turned to SHI for help while Microsoft granted them a temporary grace period to allow for adjusting their usage.


In phase one of the project, ITAM by SHI analyzed the tenant to understand the customer’s M365 usage and discovered a potential cost savings of $1.2 million for their three-year enterprise agreement – in just under 48 hours!

Phase two of the project consisted of SHI’s O365 Optimization Services. ITAM by SHI process consultants met with the customer to understand their O365 usage across the organization – an important component of the project, as the customer initiated but was unable to complete the profiling on their own four years prior.

Our team traveled to seven countries across North and South America, Europe and Asia, interviewing a total of 26 stakeholders and end users representing common user types of various roles and responsibilities. This included “Road Warriors,” who traveled often and required local applications to be installed on their devices, and “Engineers and Workers,” who worked on site with email and internal company pages.

SHI identified several profiles available for M365 subscriptions and presented a thorough recommendations report, detailing ways the profiles can help maximize the customer’s ROI.


Through implementing profiles and assisting with the management process, the customer realized $4.5 million in potential savings through rightsizing subscriptions, while also identifying additional O365 mis-installations which could have exposed the customer to a breach of contract.

The customer has since received a five-fold return on their investment by subscribing to SHI's O365 Optimization Services, and improved their purchasing decisions by using specific profiles and user types available for purchase.