Case Study:

Global technology solutions provider updates data center to meet stricter security regulations

SHI migrates 180 VMs to VMware Cloud on AWS and creates hybrid cloud extension


Customer Profile

A leading global provider of solutions for the Life Sciences industry.


The customer needed to replace their data center infrastructure with a new security-focused solution.


ITAM and Licensing
Data Center Security

SHI designed, architected and onboarded VMC on AWS, while installing and testing a hybrid cloud extension service.


  • Seamless migration to VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Eliminated the need to refactor applications
  • Leveraged existing VMware skillset


AWS vmware


The customer’s solution offerings support 10 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world, with over 40,000 reps using their solutions annually. This staggering and complex support system needed a data center to handle the significant year over year data growth while remaining compliant and secure. The customer was scheduled to close their data center in New Jersey and was given a tight deadline to get things up and running again with new security compliance. Due to the nature of their business, security solution components such as next-gen firewalling, logging and reporting, and SOC compliance were of critical importance for designing a new infrastructure.


Working under a tight deadline and under the customer’s strict compliance regulations, SHI met with the customer to explore some options and eventually agreed to VMware Cloud on AWS. SHI’s VMware and AWS solutions engineers finalized a migration solution with the customer, which included designing, architecting and onboarding the customer into VMware Cloud on AWS while installing and testing a hybrid cloud extension service. In the end, SHI bulk-migrated 180 VMs to VMware Cloud on AWS and met the customer’s deadline, all within budget.


The customer updated their security measures by seamlessly migrating to a secure cloud platform, eliminating the need to refactor applications.