Case Study:

New Jersey County 9-1-1 Department Dispatches a Modern Approach to Safety

Customer Innovation Center validates hyperconverged solution, with an extra layer of security


Customer Profile

An affluent New Jersey county.


The 9-1-1 department of an affluent New Jersey county needed to switch its aging three-tier infrastructure to a modernized hybrid cloud environment.


Data Center

SHI proposed a Dell EMC VxRail solution, bolstered by VMware NSX Data Center Enterprise Plus for an extra layer of security. The customer leveraged SHI’s Customer Innovation Center to test components of the solution.


EMC vmware


  • Greater performance, reliability and flexibility
  • CJIS-compliance
  • A single, easier-to-manage solution

When you think of a 9-1-1 call center, the last thing you might think about is the technologies needed to keep the department running effectively and efficiently, but sometimes, even a 9-1-1 department needs a helping hand.


A New Jersey county – with over 125,000 residents – needed to move their 9-1-1 call center from an antiquated three-tier infrastructure to a modernized hybrid cloud environment for a streamlined and secured operation. The call center is responsible for fielding hundreds of emergency calls each day for 16 police departments, 30 fire departments, 14 fire and rescue squads, and four mobile intensive care units. With the lack of technical support and the infrastructure becoming progressively more difficult to troubleshoot, the customer needed an easy-to-manage solution that would consolidate their servers to one centralized location while also providing automation between systems.


SHI’s cloud architects and security experts met with the customer to understand their expectations and review several options. After several meetings and a firmer grasp of the customer’s environment, SHI proposed a Dell EMC VxRail solution – a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) appliance powerful enough to handle the county’s demanding workloads. SHI bolstered the solution by adding VMware NSX Data Center Enterprise Plus – an extra layer of security necessary for housing Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS)-compliant data.

Additionally, to ensure the customer felt confident with the offering, SHI performed demos of each component in our Customer Innovation Center, showcasing how the adoption of the new technology would transform their environment.

Upon approval, SHI migrated 30 virtual machines to the newly installed VxRail vSphere cluster, then tested and verified the migrations. SHI’s architects designed, documented and performed the VMware NSX deployment while providing use and maintenance knowledge transfer to the county’s small IT team.


The new solution delivered greater performance, reliability and flexibility while the NSX micro-segmentation offered advanced security inside their data center. The easy-to-manage solution relieved their overwhelmed IT staff, while consolidating seven different servers into one centralized location.

SHI and the county also worked on a disaster recovery and business continuity strategy.