Cisco Enterprise Agreement and Software Adoption Management

A new approach in the way you select, deploy and manage your technology in the world of SaaS.

Adopting new software can be challenging. SHI can make it easier. The team of Strategic Adoption Managers at SHI guides you through the entire adoption lifecycle – from deployment to end-user adoption to renewal.

We’ll help you:

  • Get the most ROI from your Cisco EAs and Cloud Deployments
  • Have a complete understanding of what you’re using, how to use it and why you’re using it
  • Add value beyond a standard run-rate scenario and experience value not just at the point of signature, but into perpetuity
  • And more!

How It Works

We make sure we hear you loud and clear to create your ideal cloud strategy. Our Adoption Managers engage with multiple levels of your organization, gathering a clear understanding of desired business outcomes from different business units. Here’s how we do it:

use case
Use Case Development:

As you embark on your adoption journey, we ensure the strategic use cases and outcomes from the C-suite, the goals of supervisory staff, and the how and why of adoption at the end-user level are all identified.

Success Plan Creation:

A Success Plan is drafted that ties together the strategic goals from all levels of your organization, the various features of the solutions being implemented, and a proactive strategy to measure data in order to help you achieve ROI.

Ongoing Monitoring:

Our Adoption Managers proactively monitor entitlement growth, usage and adoption metrics. Quarterly Adoption Reviews and Health Checks are used to keep pace with the goals set at deployment, and new goals and metrics are aligned to business objectives as the software is adopted across your organization.


Once implementation, education, adoption and services timelines are completed, training is delivered. Our world-class Engineers, Adoption Managers, and OEM Partners provide digital or hands-on training, enabling admins and individual end-users, driving outcomes across your organization. As you increase utilization and adoption, your Strategic Adoption Team will ensure that the appropriate end-users are aware of features that can make their lives easier and drive value for your business.

Adoption Optimization:

Strategies to overcome identified adoption barriers are created and executed. Your Adoption Manager will work to ensure that software and appropriate features are utilized, displacing more expensive alternatives.


Throughout your adoption journey, your Strategic Adoption Team will gather feedback and act as your advocates, celebrating in your successes.

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