Data Center

Out of sight, out of mind, on budget: the dream of the optimized data center!

Remember that big party they threw when your data center topped 99.982% availability last year?
No? Well … maybe you were busy fighting proposed budget and staffing cuts that day.

Like an offensive lineman, most people don’t think about the data center until something goes seriously wrong. SHI knows that ensuring your data center is ALWAYS secure, highly available and performing optimally – while staying on budget – requires an intricate dance of expertise and equipment that takes place all day, every day.

SHI’s team of data center experts can help by assessing, monitoring, securing and refreshing your data center environment while keeping it under-budget and out of the minds of end-users.

Our Data Center Services Include:

Network Health Check

Gain thorough feedback regarding every aspect of your network, whether you need a general overview or an entire refresh.

Power and Cooling Assessment

Cut down on operating costs and maximize efficiency by identifying hardware problem areas and solutions.

VMware vSphere Capacity Planner

Easily transition to a virtual server environment by receiving insightful data from your current environment as well as a complete, customized solution.

Veritas NetBackup Analyzer

Get the most out of your NetBackup deployment through data collection and analysis.

VMware vSphere Health Check

Maximize your vSphere environment’s performance and redundancy with assessments and solution recommendations.

Veritas EV Health Check

Gain visibility into and verify the health of your Enterprise Vault solution through assessments and data collection.

Storage Assessment

Assess your current storage solution and discover how to optimize its accessibility, manageability, security and ease-of-use.

Dark Data Assessment

Identify and gain control of the lingering dark data in your network through in-depth analysis and remediation planning.

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