Procuring the right technology sets the stage for a productive and efficient technology lifecycle. SHI offers a variety of acquisition services customized to meet your unique needs.

Lifecycle: Acquisition

Organizations that treat a purchase as a simple quote and order are throwing money out the window (and our competitors are standing out there happy to catch it.) But at SHI, acquiring the right product utilizing the correct procurement program is the cornerstone of the everyday value we provide to our customers. Not only is smart acquisition the first step in recognizing immediate cost-savings/avoidance, it is part of our overall IT Asset Management strategy.

And since we operate under the lowest overhead in the industry, we practice what we preach.

Whether you need a custom-configured server, name brand or third-party software, or a pallet of end-user devices ready to ship at any time, SHI has the resources and expertise you need to make educated procurement decisions.

Let our wide range of value-added acquisition expertise guide you through every step of procurement, saving you time and money along the way.

Acquisition Services Offered:

Contract Management: We manage your volume software/hardware contracts and programs, monitoring key renewal dates and opportunities to improve discount levels.

E-Commerce Tool Integration: We have e-commerce tools for every part of your acquisition journey, from product comparisons to invoicing.

Inventory Management: We keep a buffer of the products you need on-hand and fully configured so you always have the right product at the right time.

Leasing and Financing: Our flexible financial options allow you to always have the latest and greatest technology – and save money.

Pre-Sales Technical Design and Support: From system designs to demo units, our architects create the perfect solution for your hardware, software and mobility projects.

Procurement Solutions: Our variety of procurement offerings simplify your processes, boost your savings and lower your risks.

Project Planning and Consultation: With thorough initiation and planning, our project management professionals kick-start your project the right way.

Software Assessment and Planning: Reduce spending, increase compliance, and improve and streamline your procurement process with our Software Assessment and Planning services.

Volume License Program Management: Our manufacturer-certified licensing teams keep all of your volume licensing contracts in one place while monitoring them for renewal and cost-saving opportunities.

Asset Tagging and Serial Number Capture: Our asset tag and serial number capture services help you keep tabs on what’s deployed in your environment.

To learn more about SHI’s Acquisition Services, contact us today!