Volume Licensing

Drawing on years of experience supporting some of the most complex environments in the industry, SHI can help you identify and select from Volume Licensing Programs for over 150 additional partners (from your most strategic software vendors to many smaller, niche vendors) helping you decide which is the best volume agreement for your needs (or when you might need more than one) and when to pursue volume licensing versus a transactional purchase.

We provide all the skills and support you need to build the most cost-effective and efficient volume licensing agreement for your organization, including dedicated licensing and contract management resources supporting:

Our licensing experts can help you:

Source the correct product, volume licensing program and price level

Plan, design, implement and upgrade your software programs

Receive licenses when and where they’re needed through tax-free electronic delivery (where applicable), helping boost efficiency and cost savings

Monitor tier pricing adjustments

Proactively track renewals

Understand usage, track entitlements, and mitigate compliance risk with comprehensive software and IT asset management services