Software Assessment
and Planning

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SAM Baseline Assessment

The first step to creating the perfect software plan is knowing what you already have and SHI’s SAM Baseline Assessment does just that. The Assessment uncovers what you already own and shares best practices on how to reduce spending, improve and streamline your procurement process, and remain compliant.

During the Health Check, SHI’s solution architects assess the following:
  • Scans all computers and devices
  • Identifies what software is deployed and where
  • Reconciles what is deployed vs. the actual number of licenses owned
  • Recommends ways to bring your company’s licensing environment into compliance
  • Provides access to a secure web portal where exportable, customizable SAM reports are created and maintained
  • Delivers a SAM Summary Report outlining areas of risk and ROI opportunities for significant cost-savings

Our team also identifies compliance risks and re-deployment opportunities, and provides you with customized deliverables including:

  • Deployment Position – Identifies what software is installed, where it’s installed and if the software is licensable
  • Entitlement Position – Identifies software that you’re entitled to use, taking into account the most recent version and the highest edition of your software asset
  • Compliance Review – Identifies the current status for a specific publisher and addresses any gaps to help optimize your software assets

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