Veritas NetBackup Analyzer

Transparency is the key to success; you need to know what you have in place before you can optimize it. Do just that with SHI’s Veritas NetBackup Analyzer!

Our team of specialized engineers use the NetBackup Analyzer Data Collection Tool to provide an in-depth analysis of your existing NetBackup Enterprise environment.

After we gather data, we analyze the results and create a report providing recommendations that increase efficiency and enhance functionality within your infrastructure. It’s never been easier for your environment to reach its full potential.


  • Gain visibility into your existing NetBackup environment
  • Maximize your investment
  • Identify key areas for improvement
  • Align your data protection strategy with your organizational goals
  • Learn about the features and functionality of the latest NetBackup versions

Analyzer Activities

Discovery Workshop: Your environment’s current health is assessed, data protection strategies are reviewed and a business needs analysis is performed.

Data Collection: Data is gathered from your environment, including:

  • Master and media server physical information
  • Backup/recovery success ratio
  • Backup and recovery physical storage
  • Media management
  • NetBackup policies
  • Storage unit configuration
  • Media server configuration settings
  • Retention policies
  • Reporting monitoring

Analyze Data: Data is analyzed and used to develop an Infrastructure Analysis Report.

Review Workshop: We review the NetBackup Infrastructure Analysis Report with you and plan next steps.

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