What’s better than a technician in your office?
A technician in OUR office, available to you.

Every project is different, and some simply do not require expensive on-site personnel. In these cases, remote installation can be your best answer. No matter where your end-users are located, SHI’s experienced installation support team ensures you receive practical, effective services – all from an SHI office.

The benefits of utilizing SHI’s Installation Support Services team include:

  • Minimizing daily interruptions
  • Eliminating travel expenses
  • Efficient completion of your deployment
  • Larger complement of technical proficiencies

We have the tools and processes to perform many installation support services including:

  • Pre-configuration
  • Enhanced documentation
  • Electronic training
  • Ancillary remote support


No one deploys software better than SHI! Our seasoned solution architects access your systems remotely and ensure your installation is completed accurately and on time. Our core competencies include those supporting the biggest names in IT. Need help with “weirdware,” including those “long-tail” manufacturers on the right side of your budget reports? We can also assist you with many smaller manufacturers that fall outside of our core by utilizing our vast partner network.


Our installation expertise also extends to hardware. If your organization wants to do the heavy lifting but is looking for guidance on how to best complete your installation, we can provide you all the direction you need.

To learn more about SHI’s installation capabilities, contact us today!