Warranty Services

Going above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty,
SHI’s Warranty Services provides coverage when the
OEM cannot.

Suppose an employee accidentally spills a cup of coffee on a laptop he’s been using for over a year. Even if it had not just expired last week, the manufacturer’s warranty wouldn’t cover this accidental damage. Under normal circumstances, you would have two options: take your best shot at fixing it with rice and a hair dryer, or buy a replacement.

Unexpected costs are never pleasant, but SHI’s Warranty Service makes sure that repairing or replacing your device is covered for accidents like this for a period of up to five years. That five years can be in addition to, or in combination with, the original OEM warranty.

Our primary objective is to make sure your end-user is up and running as quickly as possible, and we offer a variety of SLAs which are determined by device or business needs. From Apple to IBM, our warranty services can manage a wide range of manufacturers and equipment can be added or removed at any time.

Other benefits of SHI’s warranty program include:
  • 24/7 tech support
  • 100% coverage on parts, labor, commercial use & accidental damage
  • No deductible, hidden fees or extraneous charges
  • Full replacement of a destroyed unit

For more information about SHI Warranty Services, contact us today!