Optimized License Position

Ask yourself: "How much software do we have from vendor x, how is it licensed, do we have any risks of compliance and are we using the most effective licensing options?"

If the answer to any or all of the above is “I don’t know,” you need help to create an Optimized License Position for that software publisher.

Whether it's Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, or any other strategic software publisher, SHI can help you keep on top of your software usage and licensing with our expert services.

Establishing an Optimized License Position with SHI will tell you:

How much software you have deployed
What Entitlements you own
If you have a potential compliance risk
Whether deployed software is being used
How entitlements reconcile with usage
If you are likely spending too much

This service will help you:

  • Optimize annual true-ups
  • Identify potential audit risks
  • Highlight security threats posed by older applications
  • Ensure adoption is in line with entitlements
  • Save up to 30% on software licensing
  • Rationalize software contracts & manage contract renewals
  • Remediate license under-utilization

From Effective to Optimized License Positions

Establishing an Optimized License Position starts with SHI’s proven three-stage ELP methodology, which helps establish your current licensing position for in-scope software publishers quickly and accurately.



(licenses, subscriptions, contracts and agreements)

Our experts create a single, reliable view of entitlements by aggregating and analyzing data and documentation from a variety of disparate sources:

  • Physical copies of your licenses and contracts
  • Documentation from the software publisher or service provider portals
  • Transactional data from resellers and licensing providers

Software Deployments

(inventory and usage tracking)

We reveal what software is deployed across your entire organization — hybrid, on-prem or in the cloud — by taking the following steps:

  • Inventory all deployed operating systems, applications and databases for the in-scope publisher(s)
  • Recognize all software deployed and accurately identify the applications (including editions and versions) running in your environment
  • Collect comprehensive hardware configuration information to understand the relational components of the licenses you have running on your hardware devices, including in virtual and cloud environments

Compliance Review

(the hard bit)

The initial project concludes with a full review of the 'before and after,' demonstrating clear cost savings and improved utilization of license entitlements.

This is where SHI’s experts dive into the data and use their in-depth licensing knowledge to identify any gaps in your license position. We deliver both management dashboards and detailed reports that highlight licensing shortfalls (compliance risk) and surpluses (overspend).

Once the current licensing position is understood, it’s time to look at optimization.

SHI takes it a step further with optimization recommendations:

In addition to delivering your ELP, SHI’s licensing gurus offer optimization recommendations.

Starting from the established Effective License Position, our software licensing and SAM consultants use their extensive knowledge of the publisher’s many licensing schemes to identify areas for potential optimization.

SHI's Licensing experts will look at all the options across the platforms, apps and vendors in scope, providing you with a full range of options that might include redeploying existing licenses or changing license types, negotiating new contracts and agreements, or changing support contracts. All options will be considered in line with your program and business goals, including:

  • Uninstalling un- or under-used software for redeployment to new staff
  • Adjusting licensing schemes to better fit actual consumption
  • Upgrading license agreements where better financial terms are available
  • Reducing volumes for software support and maintenance contracts
  • Negotiating with vendors to trade unwanted licenses for new subscriptions
  • Centralizing duplicate or multiple software agreements into one
  • Switching vendors to escape restrictive licensing agreements

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Which software publishers can be cost optimized?

All of them. While the most common software vendors we are asked to review include Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle and VMware, cost optimization is an exercise that can be carried out against any software publisher, including new SaaS vendors.

Learn more about SHI's SaaS Cost Optimization Services here

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Looking to optimize your 365 licenses?

SHI has a specialized team of Microsoft licensing experts on hand to perform a free health check on your Microsoft 365 and Office 365 estate.

Learn more about our 365 Cost Optimization Services here

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