Symantec Academic
Subscription Program

The Symantec Academic Subscription Program offers government-approved academic institutions a flexible way to purchase software licenses that are bundled with Essential Support (24x7) on a subscription basis.

Academic Subscription Bands

Band Levels Minimum Quantities
A 250-499
B 500-999
C 1,000-4,999
D 5,000-9,999
E 10,000+


  • Low entry purchase requirements
  • Annual renewable license agreement
  • Simple and flexible subscription licensing
  • Tiered product discount bands
  • Essential Support bundled with all products
  • Home use rights for faculty and staff
  • Student use option
  • Subscription pricing
  • Co-termination of all licensing purchased under the program

Program Requirements

An academic institution must be organized and operated for educational purposes, such as a public or private school, college or university, and be accredited by an appropriate government board of education or accrediting organization.

  • Government-approved academic institution
  • Initial order of 250 units or $5,000 MSRP

Full Time Equivalent Calculation

Use the following calculation when determining the total Full Time Equivalent (FTE)* for Campus Enrollments in the Academic Subscription Program.

Faculty/Staff Count:
  • Full-Time Faculty (= to 1 FTE)
  • Part-Time Faculty (= 1/3 of a FTE)
  • Full-Time Staff (= to 1 FTE)
  • Part-Time Staff (= to ½ of a FTE)
    FTE Faculty/Staff Baseline
Student Count for Student Use Option and Campus Managed Software for Student Coverage:
  • Full-Time Students (= to 1 FTE)
  • Part-Time Students (= 1/3 of a FTE)
    FTE Student Baseline