Cloud Climb End User Training

for Office 365 and Windows 10

Make the Most of Your Microsoft Investment

QuickHelpTM is a 360-degree learning and adoption platform that empowers users to work more powerfully with their software tools through tailored, relevant learning content.

Technology Adoption with QuickHelp

  • Get users and technology on the same team
  • Alleviate IT workloads
  • Improve the way end-users work
  • Prevent user frustration during deployments and migrations
  • Increase productivity and collaboration using existing tools
  • Improve the way end-users work

The Features You Need. The Benefits You Want.

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An individualized approach to organizational change

  • Customized skill paths based on user inputs
  • Videos, guides and events tailored to unique user needs
  • Ability to upload proprietary content
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Learning that engages users from every angle

  • Relevant communications to keep users engaged
  • Machine learning to surface relevant content
  • Gamification to help users stay professionally competitive
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A long-term solution for changing habits and attitudes

  • Productivity-focused content to promote ongoing improvement
  • Polls and assessments to gauge progress and maximize retention
  • Deep insights into user behavior via the Analytic Dashboard
  • Content recommendation based on evolving needs

QuickHelp Video Center

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Intro to QuickHelp

Microsoft Testimonials of QuickHelp

QuickHelp Sample – Microsoft Teams

QuickHelp Sample – Office 365

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