IBM Licensing

Program Choices

IBM Passport Advantage
Price Level Points
BL 0-500
D 500-999
E 1,000-2,499
F 2,500-4,999
G 5,000-9,999
H 10,000+
ED Academic Pricing
GV Government Pricing

IBM Passport Advantage Express

Designed for small and medium organizations looking to purchase IBM software on an "as-needed" basis. The program has no minimum buy-in or future commitment, and a single license gets you started. You benefit from the simplicity of a single discount level, regardless of the size of your organization.

IBM Passport Advantage

Designed for larger organizations that would like to streamline the acquisition of their IBM software. Once you enroll and place an initial order, Passport Advantage gives you more opportunities to obtain better pricing. Passport Advantage offers better pricing for your volume purchases over time and is based on your Relationship Suggested Volume Price (RSVP) level. You receive your RSVP level based on your initial acquisition of licenses and IBM Software Subscription and Support. Your RSVP is recalculated after every transaction and will consider all entitlements purchased under the same agreement that are deployed or are available to be deployed by you.

You get Software Subscription and Support with each Passport Advantage license you purchase and can prorate renewals to your organization's established anniversary date. Additional locations or sites anywhere in the world can enroll under the same agreement so your business can leverage its combined acquisition power.

IBM Licensing Comparison Chart

Software Subscription and Support

IBM's software support strategy combines software subscription (upgrade protection) and remote technical support in a single, easy-to-buy feature called IBM Software Subscription and Support. It includes both product upgrades and technical support. Passport Advantage includes IBM Software Subscription and Support that complements your IBM software license acquisitions.

With product upgrades, you get complete upgrade and cross-platform migration coverage for most commercially available IBM distributed software. You can upgrade to new releases and new versions as the needs of your business dictate. Technical Support helps keep your users up and running.