Oracle Licensing

Understanding the complexity of Oracle licensing can offer vast areas of flexibility for your business. When properly applied, these seemingly complicated models can actually maximize your investment and benefit your organization.

Licensing Types

Type Overview
  • Licensed per physical CPU/Processor
  • Allows for an unlimited number of users to access the servers where Oracle is installed
  • For multi-cored processors, multipliers are applied to your environment
Named User Plus
  • Licensed per User or Machine that accesses the Oracle software
  • Best used for environments where a limited, finite number of users are accessing the Oracle software
  • For small sacle usage, such as a test or development environment

Discount Options

Option Overview
  • Discount on each purchase is negotiated separately based on its own merit
  • A pre-arranged agreement that allows the customer to establish a discount up front and buy at a defined discount for a set preriod of time
  • For customers who buy frequently
  • Aggressive discounts
  • Establish competitive discounts without defined future purchases
Enterprise Agreements
  • For large up front purchases
  • Rewarded with a high discount on the transaction and ongoing support
  • Customer is allowed to deploy an unlimited (or capped) amount of technology for a specified period of time
  • Perpetual Licenses (customer keeps the licenses at the end of the agreement)
  • Offers significant TCO savings for customers planning heavy growth

Oracle Support

  • All support on Oracle licenses are handled by the publisher. With every purchase a support number is generated. If you require support, please log into Oracle's Metalink page and have your CSI number handy.
  • Renewals -- Oracle mandates that all support be purchased directly from Oracle**. While we cannot be the reseller of these support contracts, we would be happy to help broker conversations or answer any questions you may have. Contact us for more information.
  • **Please note: At the request of you, the customer, SHI can place Oracle renewals on your behalf as a pass-through.