Novell Licensing

Program Choices

  • Volume License Agreement (VLA):
    A quick and easy volume licensing program with no minimum buy-in or future commitment. The program consists of a single price level with options for corporate organizations, academic institutions, government, and non-profit. Maintenance is required and you have a choice of either Standard or Priority Maintenance. Standard will get you free upgrades, electronic training along with unlimited phone and web support 12x5 for the products you purchased. Priority is everything in Standard, but you receive product support 24x7.
  • Master License Agreement (MLA):
    For large organizations looking to purchase a high volume of Novell products. Under this contractual program, the minimum buy-in is $1 million of any combination of licenses, maintenance and technical support. (That minimum is reduced to $25,000 for government institutions and $5,000 for subsidiaries joining an already enrolled parent company). The program term is for two years and you receive locked-in price protection for the length of your contract. MLA customers are entitled to a level of Premium Service which includes unlimited service requests, training, tools and more. Your level of service increases with your increased purchase of Maintenance.
  • Academic License Agreement (ALA):
    A flexible three-year contractual subscription program designed specifically for higher academic institutions. The minimum annual cost to qualify for the program is $5,000 and you must standardize on at least four Novell products. Products in your environment can be licensed in one of three ways: faculty enrollment (FTE count) or by workstation, or department workstation.
  • School License Agreement (SLA):
    A one year contractual subscription program for K-12 academic institutions. The minimum annual cost is $1,000 if you standardize on at least three Novell products. Your environment can be licensed by faculty enrollment (FTE count) or by workstation.

Novell Licensing Comparison Chart

Support Options

Novell has created a variety of programs and resources to meet the business and budgetary needs of partners and customers. They cover a wide range of business needs and can customize the services and tools partners and customers need to be successful. With proper maintenance coverage, you can have certified support professionals standing ready to help when you need assistance resolving your most critical issues.