City avoids disaster by uncovering $25M GDPR compliance risk with SHI’s help.

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A large city in Texas.


The ITAM Baseline Assessment uncovered $25M in GDPR compliance risk and led to a cloud migration plan with more savings.

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    Avoided $25M in GDPR compliance risk


    Saved $6,000 with a new cloud migration plan

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    With centralized purchasing methods, all assets will remain properly licensed

    The city was exploring whether their environment was ready for the cloud – and they ended up uncovering a lot more with SHI’s help.


    As a longtime SHI customer, the city was looking for support as they considered their options for moving to the cloud. The goal was to determine the number of devices going end of life (EOL), the number of desktops and laptops approaching end of warranty, and whether those devices were GDPR compliant.


    To get visibility into the city’s Microsoft install base, SHI performed an ITAM Baseline Assessment. The findings revealed a number of potential O365 deficits and pointed out the benefits of using a consolidated database and of migrating to the cloud.

    Using JDisc, a zero-footprint network discovery and IT inventory tool, SHI created IT documentation for the city’s hardware and software data and normalized the aggregated ITAM data using its ITAM platform. Using the interpreted data, SHI performed an ITAM Maturity Assessment, which included workshops and interviews with key stakeholders, and applied the normalized data to assess the maturity and efficiency of the city’s ITAM processes.

    In the end, SHI’s assessments and workshops revealed:

    • The city was at a potential $25 million GDPR compliance risk!
    • 25% of the customer’s client estate was currently EOL and unsupported by the manufacturer.
    • The city could save over $6,000 by moving more than 700 users to an Office 365 E3 subscription.


    By developing a clearly defined cloud migration plan for all EOL hardware and software, SHI helped centralize the city’s purchasing methods and ensured all assets were properly licensed, managed, and optimized.

    “By gaining visibility into their own ITAM processes, and with the help of SHI, the city aligned their processes and resources, avoiding a $25 million GDPR compliance risk!”

    - SHI Account Executive


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