SaaS leader saves $28.3M via SHI’s cost governance and resource management strategy

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A global SaaS security leader with 43,000 customers, providing industry-leading IT and cloud resources.


SHI’s ITAM team delivered a holistic cost governance solution tailored to optimize the customer’s resource allocation.

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Savings achieved through effective commitment discount management.


Identified and removed unused resources resulting in $2.8M in additional savings.

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Provided visibility into granular product-level cloud costs.

SHI’s ITAM specialists employed cutting-edge cost management strategies to significantly slash expenses.


In 2023, a prominent SaaS security firm grappled with the dual challenge of overseeing cloud expenditures and overheads, while upholding stringent cost governance. To address this, the company embarked on a comprehensive review of their resource utilization, aiming to identify and understand the root causes of cost discrepancies.


SHI’s ITAM experts provided a comprehensive solution by implementing weekly performance and usage reviews. These regular analyses allowed a real-time understanding of the customer's resource needs, ensuring efficient allocation and eliminating unnecessary costs. Our approach to cost governance further enhanced this efficiency, offering flexible cost allocation, budgeting, and charge-back reporting to give the customer complete control over their expenditure.

In addition to these services, we offered commitment discounts and renewal management recommendations, helping the customer maximize their savings.

Furthermore, SHI used service-specific strategies to provide intelligent recommendations. By leveraging a deep understanding of native-cloud services, SHI tailored its strategies to the customer's needs, ensuring optimal results and cost savings.


In just one year, the customer realized substantial financial benefits. The customer saved over $25.5 million through effective commitment discount management, enabling them to manage high levels of coverage while simultaneously reducing workloads, effectively streamlining their operations.

SHI's meticulous resource management led to the identification and removal of unused resources, resulting in additional savings of over $2.8 million.

Our experts provided the customer with granular visibility into product-level cloud costs. This detailed insight facilitated better business predictability and outcomes, equipping the customer with the knowledge and control necessary for long-term success.

“In just one year, the customer realized substantial financial benefits. Through effective commitment discount management, the customer saved over $25.5 million, enabling them to manage high levels of coverage while simultaneously reducing workloads, effectively streamlining their operations.”

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