Florida Medical Center Secures Sensitive Patient Data through Symantec DLP Solution


SHI performs end-to-end services to help customer save 50% on procuring and deploying a HIPAA-compliant solution


Customer Profile

A Florida regional medical center


The customer was exposed to an internal information security breach and needed a comprehensive solution to protect sensitive patient health data while meeting HIPAA requirements.


End-User Solutions

SHI provided the consulting services necessary to install and configure Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Endpoint Prevent solution, which provided a policy-based approach that enables customers to detect data across the enterprise, enforce access controls for the data, and report/audit compliance with DLP policies.




  • Reduced the overall risk of patient health information exposure
  • HIPAA rules and regulation compliancy
  • Over 50% in purchasing cost savings

During a trip to the hospital, the last thing on your mind is whether or not your personal information is at risk of being exposed. That’s why SHI helps doctors, hospitals and medical centers across the country secure patient data using HIPAA-compliant solutions.


A Florida medical center – with 4,000 end users spread across two dozen sites – faced a data breach caused by a former employee. The customer did everything in their power to counteract the problem, wasting no time in seeking a stronger security solution that would protect sensitive patient health information and comply with existing HIPAA regulations.


SHI presented the customer several different data loss prevention (DLP) solutions from three of the best security leaders on the market. After testing each solution in their environment – and reviewing the benefits of each partner – the medical center decided that a Symantec DLP Endpoint Prevent solution would best fit their needs.

The DLP solution is a policy-based approach that enables customers to detect data across the enterprise, and enforce access controls for the data and report/audit compliance with DLP policies. This solution provided a strong layered approach that addressed all of the customer’s requirements, for a price that fit their budget.

SHI’s end-to-end services took the project to the next level. SHI’s senior solution architects helped in the initial planning, architecture, engineering, designing, building, testing and deploying of the DLP solution. It was comprised of a client server model that generated protection systems around the travel, storage and usage of information, blocking sensitive data from being disseminated to destinations like email, cloud storage, USB devices, and printing.

A strategic advisor since day one, SHI provided everything from evaluation and selection, to procurement, deployment and support, thus helping the customer reduce the overall risk of patient health information exposure while staying compliant with HIPAA regulations. SHI’s strategic partnership with Symantec also helped the customer save more than 50% in purchasing and deployment costs!

In addition, SHI worked with the customer on a network refresh, a renewal of the DLP solution, and other security initiatives.

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