Case Study:

Cookware brand eighty-sixes unwanted outages with expert Azure support

SHI’s Professional service level support eliminates hidden costs and improves customer’s Azure Secure Score.


Customer Profile

Princess House is a U.S.-based manufacturer of kitchenware and nutritional products.


The customer suffered an ecommerce outage, and their Basic service level support did not have a fast enough SLA to efficiently meet their needs. They needed a more robust support offering that could mitigate or prevent future outages.


Data Center

SHI implemented our Professional service level of Azure support, unlocking expert support from tier two and three technical engineers, along with a dedicated Technical Account Manager to review and compare their Azure environment against industry best practices.


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  • Increased Secure Score by four percent in just two months
  • Identified and deleted unattached disks in their Azure environment, saving previously hidden costs
  • Planned the implementation of Reserved Instances, unlocking additional savings
  • Expanded their Azure environment
  • Committed to operating 100 percent Cloud Native by the end of 2022


When Princess House, a premiere maker of cookware, cutlery, nutritional products, and more, faced a significant outage of their ecommerce site, they discovered their existing Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Basic service level could not efficiently bring their operations back online in the time needed. The incident, which occurred on a Sunday, had a reported down time of at least eight hours.

Princess House needed faster SLAs and expert-level support to ensure future outages could be mitigated or avoided entirely.


SHI’s Cloud Adoption and Customer Success teams initiated a discovery call to compare Princess House’s needs against the gaps in their existing support. Our experts determined Princess House could bolster their Azure uptime by leveraging the technical resources available via SHI’s Professional service level.

In addition to features available in their existing Basic service level, Professional would add:

  • Phone, email, and ticketing access to level two and three support engineers
  • A designated Technical Account Manager (TAM) providing regular service reviews and serving as a day-to-day escalation point
  • An annual architecture review ensuring they leverage the latest technical and operational best practices

This level of support would enable Princess House to maintain hands-on control of their environment while still accessing SHI’s certified Azure experts when needed.


Princess House moved forward with SHI’s Professional service level. Within just two months, the kitchenware brand saw a four percent increase in their Secure Score, indicating we were able to quickly take significant steps to improve their security posture.

With the help of their new dedicated TAM, Princess House has also been able to:

  • Identify and delete unattached disks in their Azure environment, saving previously hidden costs
  • Plan the implementation of Azure Reserved Instances, unlocking additional savings
  • Expand their Azure environment and commit to operating 100 percent Cloud Native by the end of 2022

Regarding working with SHI, Princess House says, “SHI’s Azure expertise has been outstanding. Their resources are essential and guide us toward best practices. SHI has been instrumental in helping us migrate services to the cloud to improve the scalability, reliability, and cost effectiveness of our systems.”