Mac is choice

Security built in and easy for IT to manage

Is your environment ready for Mac? SHI can help overcome roadblocks to Mac adoption at scale with our complimentary Mac readiness evaluation and adoption services.

For a limited time, eligible customers who complete a complimentary SHI Mac readiness assessment qualify for a 14-day trial of Jamf Pro or Kandji device management.

Seamlessly integrate Apple devices to ensure they’re connected, configured, and delivered.

As part of SHI’s Mac readiness evaluation you’ll gain

  • Direction on how to integrate users, roles, and devices
  • App compatibility and security
  • Detailed migration steps
  • Best practices for profiles, policies, and credentials
  • Tips for leveraging Apple services
  • Solutions for modernizing identity
  • Modern device management practices

We’re eager to answer any questions about Apple devices or SHI services.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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Mac is secure by design

Are you facing security challenges?

With Mac, features like on-the-fly encryption, Touch ID, and Gatekeeper are built in — and it’s compatible with the security tools you already use.

In a recent International Data Corporation (IDC) study, it was reported that security is a top concern.

72% of IT security professionals feel it’s very important to have built-in security and integrated data encryption from the ground up and 71% say it is very important to have data encryption capabilities integrated into the computer hardware.

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IDC Business Imperative of Secure Endpoints thumbnail
Source: IDC’s Secure Endpoint Survey, July 2023

Create effective modern workspaces.

SHI is more than a reseller — we’re a partner helping to navigate supply chain challenges, device availability, and the hybrid-work environment. The time to develop long-term annual plans is now. Meet the moment, and ensure your organization can configure devices when and where you need them.

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Video Transcript: 5 Ways SHI and Apple can accelerate your digital transformation

Is your organization ready for Apple device adoption? SHI helps businesses, government and higher education institutions accelerate their digital transformation. We'll guide you through the entire IT lifecycle, from planning, acquisition and setup, through device retirement, renewal or upgrade. Our full range of services equip customers with the most comprehensive solutions. SHI solves the ever-changing supply chain challenges through our customized reserved inventory program. We'll ensure your products are in stock when you need them. SHI's Zero Touch X solutions will help streamline the deployment of MacOS and IOS throughout your organization. Allowing your staff to focus on strategic priorities. Our innovative Mobile Device Management solutions will ensure you receive ready-to-use devices where and when you need them. SHI's Buyback Services will securely retire your end-of-life technology while realizing maximum return on investment and ensuring government and environmental compliance. We'll optimize your environment to integrate and support Mac by leveraging the SHI delivered Mac Evaluation Utility assessment to enhance your end user experience. SHI's Mac Proof of Concept labs solve real business challenges allowing you to bring new products to market. Customize a solution that works for you with SHI's Customer Innovation Center. Ready to accelerate your digital transformation with Apple? Reach out to our ridiculously helpful team of Apple experts today.

Deploy and manage devices easily

Zero-touch deployment means that your employees’ devices are good to go—right out of the box. Apple devices seamlessly integrate with your mobile device management solutions. Distribution and management at scale give you complete control—and peace of mind. Rethink your IT environment with optimized Apple devices on your network.

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