An old film is classic.

But old storage is Jurassic.


Next-generation data storage

Achieve 80% faster performance with 30% lower TCO.

Are you using outdated storage solutions that put your enterprise at risk? It’s time to evolve past the vulnerabilities and constraints of legacy systems.

SHI’s Storage Lifecycle Success Plan eliminates traditional infrastructure limitations, giving you the confidence to tackle current and future storage challenges.

Our data storage experts provide guidance through every stage of the process:

  • Technology adoption — Ensure the optimal storage solutions for your workloads.
  • Capacity planning — Forecast needs and prevent storage shortages.
  • Roadmap review — Plan your data infrastructure for the future.
  • Performance review — Pinpoint and fix bottlenecks that slow your system.
  • Financial modeling — Analyze TCO and ROI of storage options.
  • Health checks — Proactively monitor for risks and optimize for efficiency.

With greater storage capacity and accelerated insights from your data, your IT team can focus less on maintenance and more on strategic initiatives that strengthen your organization.

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Gartner ® report

Top trends in enterprise data storage 2023

The surge of unstructured data from digital platforms, IoT devices, and advanced techs like AI and ML is undeniable. Consequently, this poses both opportunities and challenges for businesses — especially as traditional storage infrastructure struggles to manage and extract value from it.

The truth is in the numbers:

"By 2028, large enterprises will triple their unstructured data capacity across their on-premises, edge, and public cloud locations compared to mid-2023.”

This Gartner report highlights top enterprise storage trends for 2023, including Cloud-inspired operating models, advanced flash technologies, cybersecurity, and data insights.

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i Gartner: Top trends in enterprise data storage 2023 Published 29 June 2023 — ID G00789370 — 22 min read By Analyst(s): Chandra Mukhyala, Julia Palmer, Jeff Vogel
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